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Who is Lua Valentia

Lua Valentia is a writer and has launched a small library of poetry, occult grimoires and fiction books by the Authors' Club. She is a Chaos Witch and brought the Forty Servants to Brazil. She is known for being the creator and editor of the Specula portal, the largest channel and social network on Chaos Magic in Portuguese. In the occult scene, Lua advocates Current 108, which deals with the importance of ecology and the Sacred Feminine. After all, she is the vocalist of the band Caotes, a musical hypersigil. Today she lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and two cats. Now he intends to expand her horizons and connect national and international occultism more and more.

Published Books



"Lua Valentia is one of the most versatile and creative authors and creators of content in the Brazilian occult of the present day. An inquisitive look and a very special sensitivity mark the path of this charismatic spiritual daughter of Persephone and Hypnos."

— Lord A., Vampire São Paulo, Brazil

"Lua Valentia is a writer and social media strategist that uses Magick primarily as a way to express herself artistically. Apart from being co-founder at Specula, she's also a founding member of the Caotes, a musical project with her voice, lyrics and inspiring energies. She's the central image of the virtual community surrounding Chaos Magick in Brazil." — Ericson Willians, Chaos Magician São Paulo, Brazil

— Ericson Willians, Chaos Magician São Paulo, Brazil